Dark Exodus

Not so scared anymore...

Reni's Entry #2

I know it might sound crazy, but I think we’re getting out of here and soon. Mr. Fish’s dead friend, sadly, has been found and a piece retrieved. We have retrieved Brother Thain’s bow and we make ready our final escape. I mourn for those who will be left behind, even if they are monsters, but we must do what we must. I regret killing those pinned down, but if I met them in a dark wood alone, I know they would be far less merciful to me. Besides, it is a necessary evil in order to have this gem put to sleep.

I fear I may not be able to keep this up much longer. My fear and longing for home become worse as time goes on and I fear not feeling fresh air upon my skin will soon drive me mad. If I break, I will tear at the walls until I break my nails and wear my fingers to the bone. I will scream and cry for my sisters until I surely would find a way to end myself. I have to keep in control just a little longer… just a little longer… I can let it all loose once we’re home to the surface world again.


Very nice post Lieske. I will have to remember to notice the cracks that are starting to show in Reni’s composure next time we game :)

Not so scared anymore...

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