Dark Exodus

Failure to Launch...

Inner thoughts of Brother Thain

Well, we got closer to escaping this underdark hellhole, but we are still here. Poor Grimnir and Otto, I can’t imagine being trapped here ten years before escaping. But soon their hell will be ending as well, since we aren’t leaving without taking them out. I don’t think the paladin or halfling would let them stay here either seeing how they have suffered. Now all we need is an escape route and a plan.

The half-orc warrior priest and savage half-breed have become fearsome battle companions in a very short time. Together we have spilled more blood than I ever imagined we could without paying the ultimate price. I feel nothing as we slash goblins faces and shatter bugbear spines, only the warm satisfaction of knowing we are still alive and they are not. We are fighting a war, and there is only survival or death. Soon we will lead our friends out of this dank and dark pit of despair full of villians, even if we have to kill them all.

I have to hand it to our party arcanists, they have begun to come through with their part of the escape plan, and certainly no one can question their bravery or daring. They have maneuvered quite adeptly and we were very close to escaping, if only that last “master” had not stumbled on the scene and complicated matters completely. Now we must wait, at least another day, perhaps longer until our strange new ally is ready and until we have discovered an escape route.

Seems the bizarre creature that Reni calls “Mr. Fish” has been helping the others, and evidently whatever mission they were asked by it, they have completed. Reni assures me that “things are going to start happening soon”, and I hope she’s right. I miss Liala, and she weeps in my dreams every night. Soon I will feel her sweet caress in my hands once more, the place where she belongs. If I have my way, she will soon rain death upon our “masters” and the floor will be slick with their foul blood.

I knew she wasn’t safe and we were being hunted. The monks at the monastary assured me it was after effects of the war, but they were wrong. I know this because we are here, and she was taken from me. Who knows what twisted experiments they have planned for her. Well, they shall complete none of their foul plans. Things are once again right in the world and my mind has never felt clearer. When there are vile beings like brain flayers, mutant guards, and diseased orc bitches tainting our lands, how can we remain serene and detached, meditating on peace? There will be time for meditation and peaceful contemplation afterwards, but for now we wait, while I watch and guard the Nalfling, and Liala composes her songs of death.



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