Dark Exodus

Do they know?

Yorgan log post

I had heard rumors of people disappearing in these parts. I assumed it was mine owners getting some free labor. Apparently more is going on here. I wonder if anyone on the surface knows what is going on down here. If anyone knows, would they care? We seem to be caught up in someone elses war. If we manage to escape, we really should do something about this place. Their food supply seems to be all in one place. That makes it vulnerable. I wonder if a fire could spread thru the fungus patch? Perhaps we can do something to make this disease they have contracted more deadly… Of course, that might be just playing into the hands of the fish. Perhaps they are trying to set up their old empire…


I totally agree, we should REALLY do something about this place. Ideally, putting our foot up their collective butts on the way out. :)

Do they know?

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