Party Treasury

All items must be fairly dispensed to individual characters as agreed by the party and written on their character sheet by the next game session or they will decay, get stolen, or explode in a fiery cataclysm of doom.


  • Crimson Viper poison (3 doses) (Vorbis): injury/injected, save Fort DC 13; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d2 Con damage; cure 1 save.
  • Herb: Imperial Lotus (3) (can be used as a power component for spells: buff spells cast with this component make the user count as 1 level higher)
  • Herb: Bladeguard (works like alchemical bladeguard substance, temporarily protects metal from rusting)
  • Herb: Trefoil (poison antidote as if person had been treated by someone with 5 ranks in Heal)


  • 500gp (approx?)
  • (6) garnets (50gp each)
  • mind flayer glass globe of sleep
  • (2) heavy warhorses with chainmail barding
  • (8) masterwork handaxes
  • +1 mithral heavy steel shield (Azeren)
  • cloak of charisma +2 (Azeran)
  • (4) Potions of protection from arrows (Furyian, Yorgan)
  • (4) Potions of fox’s cunning (unclaimed)
  • (8) Oil of Magic Weapon (unclaimed)
  • (16) Alchemist’s Fire (unclaimed)
  • (2) Potions of Gaseous Form (Vorbis)
  • (2) Scrolls of Scorching Ray (Yorgan)
  • (1) Disguise kit (unclaimed)
  • (1) Healer’s kit (Azeran)
  • Spellbook with Breath of the Grave preparation ritual (Yorgan): 2nd – cause fear, disguise self, expeditious retreat, minor image, shocking grasp; 1st- burning hands, color spray, mage armor. Breath of the Grave (Su) As a swift action, spend this boon’s effect to breathe a 15-foot cone of rotting stench. Creatures within the cone must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + your highest caster level in a class that prepares spells) or be sickened for 1 round. This spends the boon. After this boon has been spent, you take a –4 penalty on Diplomacy and Stealth checks until you prepare spells again.
  • Faceless One’s spellbook with Breath of the Grave preparation ritual and symbol of Vecna: (Yorgan) 3rd—lightning bolt, blink, Excruciating Deformation, summon monster III ; 2nd— create pit, disfiguring touch, false life, flaming sphere, ghoul touch, glitterdust, spectral hand, web; 1st—hold portal, mage armor, magic missile, shield, Unseen Servant, Shield, Grease, Chill Touch, Jump.
  • Ring of fire resistance 10 (Griffin)
  • +1 composite longbow (Str +2) (Griffin)


  • ring of protection +2 (Gurukk)
  • breastplate +1 (Furyian)
  • candle of invocation (Furyian)
  • ring of the arch-priest (spontaneously cast effortless armor spell from UC) (Furyian)
  • potion of blur, potion of cure light wounds (unclaimed)
  • the Snatcher’s shortsword +2 (Vorbis)
  • divine scroll: dispel magic, protection from arrows (Furyian)
  • lesser metamagic rod of Focused spell (APG, 3rd level or lower spells) (Yorgan or Eirene)
  • scroll with hidden code deciphering instructions
  • damaged phylactery sacrorum (Azeran)
  • boots with blade boot attachment (Armory book) (Gurukk)
  • spear thrower – doubles range of thrown dart/short spear/javelin, loading is move action, rapid reload feat reduces to free action (Armory book) (unclaimed)
  • several hundred gold pieces
  • silver disc of Erythnul, god of slaughter, hate, envy, malice, panic, and ugliness
  • jewelled bracer
  • gold bust of a dwarf wearing a gem-studded crown


  • circlet of Wisdom +2 (Furyian, Eirene)
  • talisman of the sphere (hidden in priest Velius’ chambers in the garrison)
  • chaos box (container for talisman of the sphere)
  • black and red demon horns


  • masterwork greataxes purchased by party for Gurukk and Azeren
  • masterwork chain shirt purchased by party for Gurukk
  • amulet of natural armor +1 (Gurukk)
  • scroll of animate dead (Yorgan)
  • agile monk’s robes of piety — monk counts as 5 levels higher for calculating monk AC bonus and gets a +1 on Reflex saves (Thain)
  • Filge’s syringe potions: potion of gentle repose (milky blue), potion of false life (deep red), potion of ghoul touch (sallow yellow), and potion of chill touch (white with black streaks)
  • Filge’s spellbook, partially destroyed by ectoplasmic trap (returned by Yorgan after copying the spells…): 1st—cause fear, chill touch, identify, mage armor, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement; 2nd—command undead, magic mouth, scare, spectral hand, touch of idiocy.
  • various valuable items (gold, etc.)…coming soon
  • 5 silver-tipped arrows — a gift from the clerics of Wee Jas (Thain)
  • 100gp – initial gift/payment from Balabar Smenk to the PCs, as part of their “business arrangement”


  • potion of cure light wounds (1d8+1)
  • scroll of shield
  • masterwork thieves’ tools
  • spellbook: shield, obscuring mist, identify, hypnotism, charm person, color spray, mage armor, sleep, hold portal, ray of enfeeblement, create pit, fog cloud


Dagger magic1 large

  • +1 small-size shortsword (Vorbis)
  • pearl of power (1st level) (Yorgan)
  • Seeker ring (non-magic, has symbol of 8-pointed star)
  • scrolls of delay poison (pal 2) (Azeran), holy shield (pal 2, UM) (Azeran), and (2) scrolls of monstrous physique I (UM)(Eirene, Yorgan)


  • Gauntlet “Dextera Lethalis” : holy relic of the Chapel of Heironeous reduces armor check penalty of heavy armor by 2 points and paladins count as one level higher for determining their channel energy ability (Azeren)
  • chainmail +1 (Azeren)
  • (2) scrolls of Defensive Shock (Yorgan, Eirene)
  • scroll of Ray of Sickening (Eirene)
  • scroll of Touch of the Sea (Yorgan)


  • Purple Elf Destroyer commemorative steins
    Purple elf destroyer
  • Red mithral large steel shield emblazoned with black rampant warhorse (counts as small steel shield for weight and armor check penalty) (Nahuel). The shield was gained by the svirfneblin thain’s father many decades ago during a battle on the surface where the svirfneblin emerged to aid a regiment of knights battling against orc hordes.
  • (6) +1 arrows (Thain)
  • Tabard of the Knight Templar of Hieroneous (Azeren) once per day as a swift action can call upon Hieroneous to grant a +5 ft. movement for one round. The tabard is white with a red templar cross on the chest. Given to Azeren by the knight captain of the temple of Hieroneous in Diamond Lake, after hearing the story of his heroic escape from the mind flayers. The knight captain believes Azeren’s escape was a sign that the time has come for him to embark upon his true destiny.
  • Masterwork scalemail – (Greogor). Also was gained by the svirfneblin thain’s father many decades ago during a battle on the surface where the svirfneblin emerged to aid a regiment of knights battling against orc hordes.


  • Spellbook “Intempesta Nox” small traveling spellbook bound in black snake skin, title is written in silvery runes, (1st – shield, burning hands, sculpt corpse, shocking grasp, ventriloquism, 2nd – blur, burning gaze)
  • Aegis of Recovery, gifted to the party by Grimnir and Otto. This necklace grants its wearer a plus 2 resistance bonus on all saving throws made to recover from an effect, such as poison or lingering damage from an attack. This bonus does not help against preliminary saving throws against such effects. Should the wearer ever drop below 0 hit points, the aegis cures 2d8+3 points of damage to the wearer and then crumbles, becoming useless from then on.
    - I suggest we give this to Yorgan, since he is least likely to end up in melee and get the item destroyed as a controller wizard.(KT)
  • Masterwork items: (1) masterwork light steel shield(Nahuel), (2) masterwork chain shirts(Greogor, one in Thain’s backpack, probably for Gary’s barbarian eventually), (1) masterwork hand axe (dwarven make)(Thain), (1) masterwork short sword or rapier (gnomish make)(which is it? and Vorbis probably has it)
  • Non-masterwork items: (1) breastplate(Azeren), (1) chainmail(Nahuel)


Mushrooms discovered:

  • Glowcap: sheds light equal to a candle at all times, but only for 1 hour after harvesting. Pale white mushroom. (Sogarr)
  • Wortcap: cures 1d4+1 hp or neutralizes poison or disease. Brown, leathery texture with large bumps all over the cap. (Sogarr)
  • Faxtoryl Mushroom: stops bleeds, stabilizes dying. Rust red color. (Sogarr)
  • Blackshade Mushroom: Sleep. Ingested or rubbed into a wound, or inhaled if crushed into a powder first. Black with purple sheen, delicate and crumbly. (Vorbis)
  • Bat’s Eye Mushroom: Ingested, grants darkvision 60ft. for 1 hour. Fuzzy black with gray spots. (Vorbis or Sogarr)
  • Sable Sigmafoil Mushroom: Triples number of hit points regained through resting. Silver grey, tall skinny mushroom. (Sogarr)
  • Valerian Mushroom: +1d6 temporary hp. Velvety red cap, white stem. (Sogarr)

Party Treasury

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