Character Creation

Rulebooks Used:

Characters may be created using ONLY the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and Advanced Player’s Guide. Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat archetypes, feats and spells are probably OK just run them past me first. Magus are ok but may be nerfed if they are broken. No gunslingers, ninjas or samurai.

Send me your HeroLab character files when your character is finished.

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Starting Level and Hit Points
Suggested Classes
Suggested Religions
Suggested Oracle Mysteries by God
Core Races
Other Races
Money and Equipment
Diamond Lake Background Info

Characters by player:

Bill – human wizard (enchanter/controller)
Brandon – half-orc paladin of Heironeous
Gary – half-orc barbarian (invulnerable rager)
Kevin – human cleric of Pelor
Lieske – sylph sorceress (air elemental bloodline)
Scott – halfling rogue
Zec – half-orc barbarian (drunken brute)

Starting Level and Hit Points:

All characters start at level THREE.

MAX hit points at level 1. After that, roll all hp. If you roll less than average, take the low average.


Character creation for the game will be done using an elite stat array, namely:

15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8


14, 14, 14, 12, 10, 8

No score may be raised above 17 at the start. However, the array choices make it possible for most people to have at least one 18 by 4th lvl, if they plan for it.

I’ll most likely hand out one or two bonus ability points between 2nd and 3rd level, with some limits imposed, such as no bonus points being used to bring a stat above 18 before 4th level.


No evil characters. All characters must be some form of good or neutral (with a strong tendency more toward good than evil).

Suggested Classes:

As in Kevin’s campaign, the Summoner class is not allowed.

Just about any class should do fine, but be aware there are a fair amount of “dungeon” style adventures, so characters built around a mount (such as cavaliers) will experience times when they are not as effective, unlike Kingmaker where most of the action takes place outdoors. There will still be plenty of wilderness and city adventures to be had, though.

As with any campaign, you should probably have a mix of melee and ranged attackers, at least one skilled character good at sneaking/disabling locks/scouting etc., at least one arcane caster, and at least one divine caster.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a cleric — other healer types will suffice, and if the party seems to have a hard time in the healing department without a cleric then I’ll adjust the availability of healing potions/scrolls/other items, possibly tweak monster toughness, and may even allow cure light wounds as a 2nd level arcane spell. Of course, the party can always adjust their tactics, as well. The game does not have to be dependent on every party always having a constantly bursting cleric or completely dedicated healer around to bail out the party, and not every situation is best solved by just rushing in and smashing, relying on the healers to bail everyone out each round. A good plan, teamwork, and tactics can reduce the need for constant, huge heals. I’m not worried about this group, though — I’ve seen how well everyone works together. =)

Suggested Religions

Any non-evil religion that makes sense for an adventurer. The major religions in Diamond Lake are Hieroneous, St. Cuthbert, Obad-Hai and Wee Jas, and a character who worships these will fit in nicely, but you aren’t restricted to these religions, by any means. See Greyhawk Gods for a full list of deities, portfolios, domains, favored weapons, etc.

Suggested Oracle Mysteries by God

Ancestor: Berronar Truesilver, Corellon Larethian, Garl Glittergold, Moradin, Obad-Hai, Rillifane Rallathil, Sehanine Moonbow, Wee Jas
Battle: Corellon Larethian, Hieroneus, Llerg, Kord, Mayaheine, Moradin, St. Cuthbert, Trithereon
Bones: Wee Jas
Flame: Joramy, Obad-Hai, Pelor, Pholtus
Heavens: Boccob, Pelor, Corellon Larethian, Mayaheine, Pholtus, Rao, Sehanine Moonbow, St. Cuthbert, Trithereon, Wee Jas
Juju: Boccob, Keoghtom, Llerg, Wee Jas
Life: Berronar Truesilver, Pholtus, Pelor, Rao, Yondalla
Lore: Boccob, Farlanghn, Keoghtom, Yondalla
Metal: Corellon Larethian, Garl Glittergold, Heironeous, Mayaheine, Moradin
Nature: Ehlonna, Llerg, Obad-Hai, Phaulkon, Rillifane Rallathil
Occult: Boccob, Wee Jas
Outer Rifts: Fharlanghn, Keoghtom
Stone: Garl Glittergold, Moradin
Time: Boccob, Fharlanghn, Keoghtom, Sehanine Moonbow, Yondalla
Waves: Fharlanghn, Procan, Obad-Hai
Wind: Phaulkon, Obad-Hai, Olidammara (stealth/sneaky revelations)
Winter: Obad-Hai

Core Races:

All Pathfinder Core rulebook races (humans, elves, etc.) are allowed.

Other Races:

A maximum of two Other Race characters in the party will be allowed.
The first two players to notify me via e-mail they are playing one of these races gets to do so, but they must stick with the race they submitted, or else they lose the option to play one of these to the 3rd submitter. I have plot reasons for limiting these — I don’t want the party to be made up of 75% unusual races or it won’t make sense for them to be involved in many of the plots or to be approached by certain important NPCs

Other Races: Aasimar, tieflings, and changelings are allowed. Be aware these races will be viewed with great suspicion. Tieflings will be viewed as outright, evil agents of the inferno, and changelings will have to worry about getting burned at the stake if their hag heritage is discovered.

Money & Equipment:

Each character starts with the average amount of gold for his/her class, as listed on p.140 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook or on the PFSRD website. For example, the listed average amount for a barbarian is 105gp.

All items must be non-magical and may be purchased only from the Core rulebook and the APG.

I’ll also determine some magic items for you to start with.


You may choose two character traits. They should be believable given your race, class and backstory.


Everyone should read the Diamond Lake background information below, since everyone will be starting inDiamond Lake.

IMPORTANT: Everyone is starting out as a bit down on their luck (no wealthy characters or characters from rich families or access to great wealth and influence). One of your main goals should be to improve your situation.

Create a backstory (GM can help with setting content) that explains who you are, where you came from, basic personality, why you are down on your luck at the moment, and your main goals.

Some ideas are listed below but you’re free to come up with whatever is believable and interesting for you:

  • clerics/druids/monks/oracles/inquisitors/paladins: maybe you felt a calling to come to Diamond Lake, maybe you grew up there and want a better/more noble life, maybe you were assigned to Diamond Lake by your superior druid, cleric, monk or oracle — but why? Was he/she jealous of your abilities and wanted to get you out of the way or punish you, or maybe they felt Diamond Lake needed help, or perhaps the church/temple desperately needed funds to continue operating and hoped you would strike it rich in the mines. These are just ideas. Even many of the ideas listed below could still apply to these classes. Go to the Diamond Lake page and see Religion, Bronzewood Lodge and Twilight Monastery topics for inspirational background material.
  • banished from your old community/tribe/family/whatever (maybe you did something bad or you were wrongfully accused or framed)
  • you are the last of a line of a failed noble house who lost all their wealth and power, and you have lived as a poor commoner for most of your life
  • you were the near-penniless squire of a defeated, wandering knight
  • you came from a barbarian tribe and left to seek glorious civilization, only to learn it’s not what you expected (and perhaps your tribe now considers you an outsider)
  • gambling losses
  • blackmailed
  • indentured servant
  • large debt (and maybe loan shark/debt collectors are after you)
  • poor family
  • alcoholic
  • robbed
  • swindled
  • cursed to remain in poverty until an event happens or you achieve something
  • gave all money away to local religion/temple or charity
  • lost everything in a fire
  • spendthrift/easy come, easy go, live by the seat of your pants lifestyle
  • drifter lifestyle
  • treasure hunter without any leads in a very long time
  • bounty hunter/tracker/hunter or ex-soldier/scout/mercenary without many jobs in a long time
  • you are on the run from a nefarious secret organization out to get you
  • you are wanted for a minor crime (which you may or may not be guilty of) and have to lay low
  • took a vow of poverty
  • orphaned at an early age and have lived on the street ever since
  • family vanished or were kidnapped and you have lived on the street or depended on yourself ever since
  • bad business investment made you lose nearly everything

Diamond Lake Background Information

For non-monster character backgrounds, everyone will be residents of the rough and tumble mining town of Diamond Lake (see flavor text below). In addition to their background goals, all characters share one common goal – escaping to a better life once financial obligations have been met.

Diamond Lake Flavor Text:

“At a perfumed arcade known as The Emporium, Governor Mayor Lanod Neff rubs shoulders with common laborers awaiting an appointment in the Veiled Corridor. In an adjoining antechamber, snakes and exotic dancers gyre to a sonorous weave of cymbals and seductive pipes. A floor below, a gaggle of grasping miners presses against the windowed door of a darkened cell, impatient for a glimpse of a two-headed calf.

Out in the street, a gang of rowdies screams obscenities at a crumpled Halfling, kicking it as if scrambling for a ball. Their drunken laughter echoes off shuttered windows and bolted doors.
In a tower-flanked fortress across the shadowy square, filthy men with nothing to lose shout hymns to St. Cuthbert, clutching to their idealism and principles like cornered animals. Their wild-eyed chief minister smiles as he draws a cat-o-nine-tails across his bare back, awash in their adulation and the spirit of his god.

But it’s just another night in Diamond Lake.”

Check out theDiamond Lake page for a fully detailed description of the town, including religions, politics, places of interest, etc.

Post your character info on the Characters tab , then send me the HeroLab portfolio.

Character Creation

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