Dark Exodus

Where there's a whip, there's a way...



After meeting at the abandoned mine manager’s building to discuss or future plans for exploring the lost cairn we had all heard about, we suddenly wake up enslaved and imprisoned far beneath the earth, bound by unknown captors. As near as we can remember, we heard the sound of breaking class, then remember nothing.

Yorgan, Brother Thain, and Azeren awoke to orcs and goblins in their faces, which prompted an instant melee that the party won, just barely.

Our companions in other cells fared better, with Vorbis making contact with Otto and Grimnar, long time prisoners with a lot of insight and knowledge of our prison. They were willing to try to trust us, but only if we killed the goblins in their cell and brought them some healing mushrooms.

After completing our appointed tasks and reporting back, we discovered that Grimnar and Otto have been tunneling out of their prison for nearly a decade. They were stopped at present by the obstacle of green slimes in their path.

Each day, our band of heroes is broken up into different slave groups to completed different tasks. The arcane casters, Eirene, Yorgan, and Sogarr are sent away to work in specialized areas using their unique skills. Nahuel and Vorbis are sent out to work in underground “gardens” harvesting mushrooms and fungi. The rest of us are sent to work in the mines, clearing out coal and other minerals for our unknown masters.

After several days, each of the groups have gathered bits and pieces of information that we have shared, we have recovered enough raw parts for Vorbis to have makeshift thieves picks and tools, and we have discovered a secret cache with a gem and shiv. Greogor has also killed the last of the targeted goblins as well as picking a fight with a band of bugbears, which we narrowly were able to defeat. Only time will tell if we ever manage to escape the grim situation the party currently finds itself in, far underground and far away from home…



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