Dark Exodus

Grom's Journal Entry Under the water


Battled under the water in the mist marsh today. Wow did it suck. I was left to survive in the wild but never did I have to fight in the water like this. 3 STUPID Lizard Folk Grappled me and just as I would break one they would drag me down further and regrapple me. Ever see Drunken Rage in full effect? Well this was it, but after much determination and just deciding to go punch for punch with them I broke the neck of 2 of them and with the help of Gurukk destroyed the 3rd one. Never again do I want to come to this mist marsh! once we find this Lizard Folk village and get those who were captured I promise I will find some way to just freeze and kill any and everything in the water. I need a barrel of Grog!!!



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