Dark Exodus

The Unexpected Twist

Reni's post #7

It’s always something, but at least this is something worth looking into. Laying a ghost’s bones to rest is always a good idea and just the right thing to do. The only problem is when said ghost’s family plot has been robbed. I can’t believe those bastards had the gall to kill that bear cub too, how cruel. The poor mother bear, at least her meat will feed us for a while. Stopping the graverobbing trade will definitely be rewarding.

On another note, I’m concerned about Audrie and a little about Feith. I’ve started noticing some of the same changes in Audrie as in myself. I worry that the Sisters of Mercy might reject her if… certain traits show themselves. If this happens to Audrie, it’s almost a guarantee that Feith’s destiny is sealed as well. Oh gods above, please don’t let us become the crazy White Witch Sisters of Diamond Lake! Even if we all three are fated for this destiny, I pray to any good deity who will hear me that we aren’t driven away or harmed, that we are left in whatever peace we can have. The same goes for dear Pappa too.

Zamandra is giving me the creeps of late. I don’t think she means me any ill intent, but after going what we went through, I’m leery of her trying enslave me. I can’t help it… I really hope I’m just being paranoid, for both my sake and hers. I don’t want to hurt anybody, but won’t let anybody hurt me or mine either.



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