Dark Exodus

The musings of Sogarr to Ghoti:

Well, we’re finally out. It took us a little while, but we did it. I’m not entirely sure out here is any better, though. at least back in there, we had food every day. I’m not too sure we’ll have the same luck out here. But that’s a problem for the future. We’re taking this one thing at a time.

I’ve gotta tell you, Ghoti, for a while I thought I’d never see you again. When I went off with…. I think Vorbis is his name, I was sure that we’d cut off our only means of escape. Luckily, we were just fast enough to get out of the way of the thing that was following us. You saw it, right? When we passed you and everyone else in the lab? Anyway, after we hid for a bit, that thing took on one of the purple ones and one of the big ones, and they won, but they kept going, and ran into some things that Yorgan, Vorbis, and I released. You know Yorgan, he spent a bit of time in the lab.

In any case, it’s good to be reunited. Hopefully, we can get back topside soon. I don’t particularly like it here in the dark.



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