Dark Exodus


Reni's Ramblings #1

This place is horrible…

I don’t know what happened and then I woke up next to a stinking bugbear! There are other monsters here too, orcs and goblins and hobgoblins and skum… Oh it’s so awful, it’s like a terrible nightmare. I want to cry all the time, but I don’t dare let myself start because I don’t think I could stop once I started.

At least there are others here, even if I think some of them are trying to make life more difficult rather than be helpful. I miss Brother Thain, since I can’t see him, but I miss my family more. I just keep thinking about my poor little sisters and my Papa. Are they worried? Is Papa looking for me? Do they know I’m gone? They can’t take losing another member of the family. Can Papa handle the girls without me? Do they cry for me? They have trouble getting to sleep without me singing to them sometimes… Oh gods, please watch over them… Let me see them again, please…

I thank every god there is that I haven’t been mistreated severely. I was so afraid I’d be given to the monsters as a plaything, a fate worse than death I fear, but that hasn’t happened. It seems as though that is not their purpose in taking me as their prisoner. The strange “men” have me perform my feats of magic for them and do other things I believe are related to magic. I just wish they’d take this stupid red crystal out of my head. It hurts when I do magic, but I got them to turn it off for a little while.

That’s when I met Mr. Fish. He’s a strange thing with tentacles, but he talked to me in my head and asked me to help him in exchange for my freedom. He said they had a dead one of his kind and he wanted proof. I must bring him a piece of the dead Mr. Other Fish and work to destroy a circle of protection the strange men use to protect themselves from Mr. Fish. I know I must sound crazy, but any avenue of hope is better than none at all. His tenacles do frighten me a bit, but if even bugbears, orcs, and gobbies can be subdued, maybe Mr. Fish is one of the nice monsters? Maybe I’ll only make things worse, but it’s the only thing I can think of to do other than continue to be submissive to get what I want… like better quarters and food, away from the monsters and crazy barbarian. I know he’s only doing what he thinks is right, but it frightens me and I don’t want to be around it. I know I may be a fool for asking to be seperated from Brother Thain, but truly, I couldn’t stand it in those horrible cells any longer.



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