Dark Exodus

Hope is a feathered thing...

Reni's post #5

I once heard a poem read that said “Hope is the feathered thing that sits in the heart and never stops singing, at all.” I might be misremembering the exact words, but I’m feeling it sing for me more and more.

I am overwhelmed with joy for dear sister Audrie, being accepted into the Sisters of Mercy. She has a real chance of having a good life, safe and happy with the Sisters, a real purpose. Not only will she be happy and fulfilled, but she’ll have the safety of the protection of the king’s men. I’m so thrilled that she’s happy. Now if only we can find someplace that’s best for Feith too…

It seems the Whispering Cairn hasn’t yielded all its secrets yet. I’m almost more intrigued by the secrets it has shown than the possibility of treasure. If there are things of value in the Cairn, it would be a great help for my family, but I don’t dare show it too openly. I pray to the gods we find enough to help all of us well enough. It would be so wonderful for Papa not to have to worry. I hope, somehow, that we can all find what we’re looking for.



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