Dark Exodus

Grom's Quick Thought!


I was just thinking some of these guys in our group wouldn’t last to long in the swamp by themselves. Like they might live with the correct items with them but they just really would be unable to SURVIVE! You see before I ended up in Diamond Lake there was a short period of time where I was completely on my own (All you pansies starting to cry right now just stop reading or I will beat you down if you bring it up.). So I had to survive and while in the ridiculous swamp where I almost drown I found some great stuff… nothing that I want to keep because I may have almost ate it in my earlier years, but that short little thief…. what’s his name??? I don’t know… I always tune him out when he starts talking and sometimes day dream about punting him… GOAL!!!!!! Any ways we came across the following things that we will probably have to use later.

  • Crimson Viper poison (3 doses)
  • Herb: Imperial Lotus (3)
  • Herb: Bladeguard
  • Herb: Trefoil

All of which are useful when your not trying to eat them. Look I need my Tankard and I think I’m getting low on Grog….
-———→>>>>>>>>>Yorgan!!! Summon me some more Grog, I’m Thirsty!!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<———————



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