Dark Exodus

Griffin Meditation: Kalamanthis Conspiracy

When I first talked with Master Izenfen about Dhargal and the possibility that there are those among our order who are misusing Kalamanthis, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had heard rumors before, but never believed them until I found my teacher dead, dressed in a strange garb.

My initial investigation into the brothers involved with this trade have been slow. After the events of today, I must take extra care. There is a deep magic involved in this that I must uncover. I am beginning to suspect that whoever, or whatever, is behind this Kalamanthis Conspiracy is aware of my inquisitions.

Never before has my body or my bow failed me. My bow is an extension of my arms, and my aim uncanny. My shafts only go where I want them. Yet somehow, today they did not. For some reason I was only able to inflict glancing blows with my arrows, save for when I struck myself or my party. Thankfully the Paladin is so dense he was unaware that the arrow that struck him was mine. While I had no intention of wounding the beast-man, his ability to notice a large barn in front of him is something that I will have to remember, in the event that I need to protect the Monastery in his presence.

But I digress. Pulling a muscle in combat only worsened my situation, had in not been for the Cleric, my usefulness to the party would be severely limited. I am not sure of what lies ahead in this swamp, but I can only hope that it will shed some light on the misuse of this drug by my brothers.

I must tread lightly. If the cause of my failures today were not caused by a deep magic or god, my party cannot be fully trusted. I can only pray that Xan Yae will lighten my path and guide my aim…



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