Dark Exodus

Their Walls Can Hold Us No Longer

From the journal of Sir Nahuel

Their walls are breaking. One can taste the tightness in the air around these “masters”, feel the strain my comrades put on their terrible system. They are becoming sloppy; they are leaving holes in their walls. And through these holes we will escape. These newly found friends must be putting themselves at great risk when they crack into these walls so, but it is working. I have seen them all, and know them all to be unharmed, and the damage they have wrought still stands. It won’t be long now; I can feel it in my heart. Their walls cannot hold us.

The dwarf and the deep gnome have been told; they seem as ready as any of us. But I wonder, what awaits us beyond? The presence of a deep gnome would suggest that this festering wound must be hidden far into the bowels of the earth, and if that is the case, I fear what awaits us outside their walls might be worse than our fates here…

No; I must never tell myself that. Nothing could be worse than chipping ones soul away in the mines, and losing ones self in the abyss of this forever twilight. I will again feel the smooth warmth of the sun; I will again be tickled by the first cool breeze of approaching winter. And if I must suffer through a thousand deaths, It would be worth it for the chance to be on the surface again, and to ride through the hills once more. Do not fear, Rüzgâr, for your master has not abandoned you. They are breaking, and their walls can hold us no longer.


Awesome post Shane! I got some very good insight into what goes on inside Nahuel’s head, plus I got to see the cool name you called your steed. At least it was Dhog or Khaight or something like that :)

Their Walls Can Hold Us No Longer

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