Dark Exodus

A Nomad Before, A Nomad Again.

It…feels very odd, being here under the earth. I enjoy my clear skies and open fields; Plenty to hunt and serenity surrounding me. My brothers say that writing in this little book might help me release…‘stress’…But the pages are small, and this quill does not fit my hand.

I can’t help but wonder if the Beasts would despise my companions, consisting of witches, thieves and priests. I do not enjoy being a part of this motley band of prisoners, but my brothers have chosen to ally themselves with them, and I shall do so as well. And, even through their faults, they’ve proven themselves again and again with steel and spell.

It seems that my time in prison was…rewarding. In the times of near death, my skin hardens and scales grow. I feel like the Beast inside of me has decided against corrupting my mind, and instead boons my body with the power of Dragons.

It has been a long time coming, and we are finally free of those thrice-damned slavers. I am slightly saddened by our quick departure, I wanted to flay their bodies as they’ve flayed the minds of others. In the end, I was forced to make do with the fools who thought they might keep a Beast from freedom.

And the escape itself, it was as thrilling as hunting lions with only my bare hands. The halfling, while his methods are cowardly, is likely the bravest of us all. He threw himself at the heart of the slavers, in hopes of tricking a mutual enemy into defeating them for us. From certain demise, he came back with salvation for us all. Vorbis, I am indebted to you for saving the lives of my brothers, and myself. Perhaps someday, I may teach you the honor of the Beast.

But now, even though we are free of the cages, we are not free to our rightful place under the sun. Soon, we will be searching for a city of gnomes, the silent one has said that it shouldn’t be impossible to find. I do not know when we will leave the bowels of the earth, but I will not allow my family to rot down here.

Soon, Nahuel, you will find your calling.
Soon, Sogarr, you will be accepted.

For the record, no Sogarr is not Gregor’s brother. Greogor has referred to Sogarr as family ever since Sogarr saved what remains of his humanity.



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