Dark Exodus

<sigh> Again? ...Really?

Excerpt from the journal of Vorbis the Large

<sigh> Here I go again. Although, I’m not sure where I am or why I’m here this time. These captors seem to be a bit more rough than any other I have had the displeasure of meeting. I have seen that my friends Brother Thain and Reni have been brought here as well as our new companions The odd part is, none of us are sure quite how or why.

I have befriended a Gnome and Dwarf that have been here for a long time. Definitely longer than I plan to stay. My compatriots have been helpful in getting me items to replace my tools that been lifted from my person. We will just have to see how I do at putting their efforts to good use.

They have been having me work in the mushroom fields. I have found some interesting mushrooms that could be helpful to us in the near future. There seems to be a creature that resides out of site along the roof of the caverns. It has so kindly and yet unwittingly provided me some of its silk that will aid me in carrying out the ideas that fill my head.

There seems to be at least two factions amongst the guards. Neither of which seems to care for the other. This may be something we could use to our advantage. I have been watching the pattern of the guards at night. The dwarf has some items I might be able to use to let me better “explore” the options presented to us.

Aside from my barbarian compatriot, there are two Skum and a hobgoblin that shares our cell. Sadly the goblin passed in his sleep. However, it did give the hobgoblin a hearty meal for the night. I don’t really care for the way the hobgoblin eye’s me, but that may soon be taken care of.



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